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A Dream Hawker Centre Inspired by Bourdain Market

If you could put all your favorite foods in one place for everyone to enjoy, who would you want there? Anthony Bourdain’s making this dream a reality, as reported by Eater NY. Here’s how he put it:

I am indeed working on this project—carefully assembling a dream list of chefs, operators, street food and hawker legends from around the world—in hopes of bringing them together in one New York City space. As the greatest city in the world, I’ve long felt that we should have the kind of delicious, diverse food centers that Singapore ( for instance) enjoys. And, in fact, it is my hope that an important component of this project will be representatives of Straits hawker masters. My likes are pretty well known: dai pai dong in Hong Kong, Boqueria in Spain, hawker centers in Singapore, street tostadas in Ensenada. To the extent that I can help bring those things home to New York, along with a truly interesting collection of home grown innovators, I will be very, very pleased. If nothing else, I hope to soon be able to enjoy a really good Chicken Rice in NYC.

This got me thinking, if it were up to me, what would I put in this one awesome market?

I tried to pick things you could see being served in a hawker style environment. You’d also want some solid variety, giving you the option to eat guilty or eat healthy, local or exotic, and maybe something sweet too. Seeing as most places don’t serve full menus and probably should only do one thing really well, I selected one type of dish I think these folks do particularly well. Here’s how I would fill a 10-spot space:

1. Baos from Baohaus

Courtesy of The L Magazine

2. Hand-Ripped Noodles from Xi’an Famous Foods

From Xian Fine Foods

3. Falafel from Taim

From Taim

4. Tacos from Grand Electric


5. Vegetables and Greens from Mission Chinese

From Caviar

6. Chicken Wings from Pok Pok

From Matthew Rowley

From Matthew Rowley

7. Fish & Chips from Queen & Beaver Public House

From Hungry Novelist

From Hungry Novelist

8. Sandwiches from Mile End Deli

From NY Daily News

9. Sausages from Wvrst

From Lucas Richarz

10. Gelato from Il Laboratorio di Gelato

From Robb Report

I’m sure everyone could name 10 very appropriate options. Feel free to add yours in the comments!