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Thank You Mark Bittman – Spatchcocking, Pancakes and More

A quick post here, but just need to say thank you to Mark Bittman. From popularizing spatchcocking (now my go-to method for turkey and other birds), to simple every day items like pancakes, you’ve become my trusted source when I need to know how to cook X. Your advice in uncomplicated, unpretentious and reliable – Read More

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VICE: Julia Ziegler-Haynes Makes Awesome Focaccia Sandwich

Just watched this video from October 2013 and makes me want to construct this sandwich so badly. Figured I’d share here. Highlights for me: – Ramp aioli: Sounds like a great idea, just found another use for mixer stick – Making focaccia: Easier than it seems, might give it a try – Sandwiches: Just the Read More

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Loving April Bloomfield on Mind of a Chef

Do you read Lucky Peach? Do you ever wish someone created a video version of it? PBS’ Mind of Chef is the answer to your prayers. I’ve been hooked on the program since it featured 16 episodes of David Chang in Season 1 (check out Dave and Rene Redzepi above). I was a little bit Read More

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NY Times Video: Wylie Dufresne’s Turkey Hash

Love when the NYT Dining & Wine section puts out these guest videos. I find you always learn a little trick while admiring a chef taking their time and doing something a little closer to what you might cook up at home. There’s a series of great thanksgiving-themed videos posted a while ago in mid-November, Read More