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About Palate in Progress

Let’s attack this FAQ style…

Q: What is this site?

A collection of New York restaurant reviews, news and food-related posts written to feed your curiosity. It may also trigger hunger.

Q: Who writes it?

I do. My name is Jacob Younan, and I’ve started this site to both chronicle where I eat and to share things you may find interesting.

Q: What’s up with the name?

My palate right now is the result of my experiences to date, as is yours. It’s also a constant work in progress. My goal is to post with that in mind — detailing flavors that continue to expand my frame of reference, but also things I’ve watched or read that develop my understanding.

Q: What is Restos in TO?

A Toronto restaurant review blog I wrote for more than two years. If you’re ever in the city, I’d say it’s a pretty good resource to find some delicious dining options in and around the downtown area.